Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

Blue Township Fire DepartmentOwnsBlue Township Fire Department
OwnsBlue Township Fire Department Vehicles
City of Junction CityOwnsJunction City Emergency Vehicles
City of Junction City EngineeringOwnsJunction City Engineering Department
City of Junction City Fire DepartmentOwnsJunction City Fire Department
City of Junction City Police DepartmentOwnsJunction City Police / 911 Center
City of Junction City Public WorksOwnsJunction City CCTV Cameras
OwnsJunction City Dynamic Message Signs
OwnsJunction City Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
OwnsJunction City Public Works Department
OwnsJunction City Traffic Detection Equipment
OwnsJunction City Traffic Signal Interconnects and Upgrades
OwnsJunction City Traffic Signals
City of ManhattanOwnsManhattan Emergency Vehicles
City of Manhattan Fire DepartmentOwnsManhattan Fire Department
OwnsManhattan Fire Dept Digital Information Boards
OwnsManhattan Fire Station #1 Fiber
OwnsManhattan Fire Vehicles––iPads and Active 911
OwnsManhattan Fire Vehicles–Wireless Routers
City of Manhattan Public WorksOwnsManhattan Bicycle Detection System
OwnsManhattan Bluetooth Readers
OwnsManhattan CCTV Cameras
OwnsManhattan Dynamic Message Signs
OwnsManhattan GIS Mapping Service
OwnsManhattan Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
OwnsManhattan Portable Changeable Message Signs
OwnsManhattan RWIS Stations
OwnsManhattan Street Division Office
OwnsManhattan Traffic Detection Equipment
OwnsManhattan Traffic Information Website
OwnsManhattan Traffic Operations Facility
OwnsManhattan Traffic Signals
FHATAOwnsFHATA Automated Dispatch/AVL
OwnsFHATA On–Board Security Cameras
OwnsFHATA Real–Time Signs
Fort RileyOwnsFort Riley Emergency Management
OwnsFort Riley Emergency Services
OwnsFort Riley Fire Department
OwnsFort Riley Police Department
OwnsFort Riley Public Works
Geary County Emergency ManagementOwnsGeary County Emergency Operations Center
Geary County Public WorksOwnsGeary County Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
OwnsGeary County Public Works
Geary County Rural Fire DepartmentOwnsGeary County Emergency Vehicles
OwnsGeary County Rural Fire Department
Geary County SheriffOwnsGeary County Sheriff Department
Kansas Division of Emergency ManagementOwnsKansas State Emergency Operations Center
Kansas DOTOwnsKDOT CCTV Cameras
OwnsKDOT District 2 Office
OwnsKDOT Dynamic Message Signs
OwnsKDOT KanDrive Website and 511 Phone Traveler Information System
OwnsKDOT KanRoad
OwnsKDOT Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
OwnsKDOT RWIS Central Server
OwnsKDOT RWIS Stations
OwnsKDOT Statewide TOC
Kansas Highway PatrolOwnsKDOT District 1 Office
OwnsKHP Communications Center
OwnsKHP Troop C
OwnsKHP Troop C Vehicles
Kansas Homeland SecurityOwnsKansas Homeland Security
Kansas State UniversityOwnsK–State Athletics Department
OwnsK–State Parking Services
OwnsK–State Police Department
MediaOwnsMedia Outlets
Neighboring Cities and CountiesOwnsNeighboring 911 Centers
OwnsNeighboring County Emergency Operations Centers
NOAAOwnsNational Weather Service
Pottawatomie CountyOwnsPottawatomie County Emergency Vehicles
Pottawatomie County Emergency ManagementOwnsPottawatomie County Emergency Operations Center
Pottawatomie County Public WorksOwnsPottawatomie County Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
OwnsPottawatomie County Public Works
Pottawatomie County SheriffOwnsPottawatomie County Sheriff Office / 911 Center
Riley CountyOwnsRiley County Emergency Vehicles
Riley County Emergency ManagementOwnsRiley County Emergency Operations Center
OwnsRiley County Mobile Emergency Command Post
Riley County Fire DepartmentOwnsRiley County Fire Department
Riley County Police DepartmentOwnsRiley County 911 Center
Riley County Public WorksOwnsRiley County Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
OwnsRiley County Public Works
OwnsPersonal Computing Devices