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Geary County Public Works Department consists of six divisions: Road and Bridge, Traffic Control/Sign Shop, Rural Water District #2, Sewer District #4, Solid Waste Transfer Station, Building Maintenance, and Noxious Weed.

The Road and Bridge Division provides roadway, bridge, ditch and culvert maintenance and installation; snow removal; roadside mowing; and maintenance of motorgraders, sandspreader/plow trucks and mowers.

The Traffic Control/Sign Shop fabricates, installs and maintains all County roadside markers, street signs and traffic control signs.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Geary County Public WorksOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Maint and Constr Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
MCM Roadway Maintenance'MCM Roadway Maintenance' provides overall management and support for routine maintenance on a roadway system or right–of–way. Services managed include landscape maintenance, hazard removal (roadway debris, dead animals), routine maintenance activities (roadway cleaning, grass cutting), and repair and maintenance of non–ITS equipment on the roadway (e.g., signs, gantries, cabinets, guard rails, etc.). Environmental conditions information is also received from various weather sources to aid in scheduling routine maintenance activities. See also MCM Field Equipment Maintenance for maintenance of ITS field equipment.False
MCM Winter Maintenance Management'MCM Winter Maintenance Management' manages winter road maintenance, tracking and controlling snow plow operations, roadway treatment (e.g., salt spraying and other material applications), and other snow and ice control operations. It monitors environmental conditions and weather forecasts and uses the information to schedule winter maintenance activities, determine the appropriate snow and ice control response, and track and manage response operations.False

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Geary County Emergency Operations Center
Geary County Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
Junction City Police / 911 Center
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National Weather Service