KDOT RWIS Central Server




Weather–related information is transmitted by a combination of land lines, cell phones, radios and Local Area– or Wide–Area–Networks (LAN/WAN) from weather stations to KDOT RWIS Central Server located in Topeka. The information is presented both on an Intranet–based Website for KDOT use as well as a KDOT Internet site for the public.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Kansas DOTOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Maint and Constr Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
MCM Environmental Information Collection'MCM Environmental Information Collection' collects current road and weather conditions using data collected from environmental sensors deployed on and about the roadway. In addition to fixed sensor stations at the roadside, this functional object also collects environmental information from sensor systems located on Maintenance and Construction Vehicles. It also collects current and forecast environmental conditions information that is made available by other systems. The functional object aggregates the sensor system data and provides it, along with data attributes to other applications.False
MCM Environmental Information Processing'MCM Environmental Information Processing' processes current and forecast weather data, road condition information, local environmental data, and uses internal models to develop specialized detailed forecasts of local weather and surface conditions. The processed environmental information products are presented to center personnel and disseminated to other centers.False

Interfaces To

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KDOT District 1 Office
KDOT District 2 Office
KDOT KanDrive Website and 511 Phone Traveler Information System
KDOT KanRoad
KDOT Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
KDOT RWIS Stations
KDOT Statewide TOC
KHP Communications Center
KHP Troop C
National Weather Service