KDOT RWIS Stations




This element represents KDOT owned Road Weather Information System (RWIS) stations in the Flint Hills Region. Currently there are two KDOT RWIS stations in the region, one in Manhattan and another in Junction City. KDOT owns and operates 43 RWIS stations located throughout the state. The KDOT RWIS also leverages other Kansas RWIS assets by integrating information from 10 additional weather stations owned by the Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA). It uses sensors both mounted in the road surface as well as mounted away from the road to determine pavement temperature, subsurface temperature, ambient air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, pavement wet/dry, precipitation, and relative humidity.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Kansas DOTOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

ITS Roadway Equipment
Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Roadway Environmental Monitoring'Roadway Environmental Monitoring' measures environmental conditions and communicates the collected information back to a center where it can be monitored and analyzed or to other field devices to support communications to vehicles. A broad array of general weather and road surface information may be collected. Weather conditions that may be measured include temperature, wind, humidity, precipitation, and visibility. Surface and sub–surface sensors can measure road surface temperature, moisture, icing, salinity, and other measures.False

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KDOT District 1 Office
KDOT District 2 Office
KDOT RWIS Central Server