Riley County Emergency Vehicles




This element represents police vehicles, fire trucks and EMS vehicles in Riley County. Vehicles utilize various VHF and cross band repeater systems to communicate with other EM responders. All Riley County police vehicles use VHF radios and about half of the vehicles have a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) that is also equipped with an AVL feature.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Riley CountyOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Emergency Vehicle OBE

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
EV On–Board En Route Support'EV On–Board En Route Support' provides communications functions to responding emergency vehicles that reduce response times and improve safety of responding public safety personnel and the general public. It supports traffic signal preemption via short range communication directly with signal control equipment and sends alert messages to surrounding vehicles.False
EV Service Patrol Vehicle Operations'EV Service Patrol Vehicle Operations' provides on–board processing and communications to service patrol vehicles that reduce response times and improve safety of responding personnel. It supports service patrol vehicle dispatch and provides incident information back to the dispatching center.False

Interfaces To

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Manhattan Traffic Signals
Riley County 911 Center