Fort Riley Public Works




The Fort Riley Public Works is comprised of 6 Divisions: Business Operations Division; Engineering Services Division; Environmental Division; RCI / Housing Services Office; Master Planning Division; and Operations & Maintenance Center.


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Physical Objects

Traffic Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
TMC Incident Dispatch Coordination'TMC Incident Dispatch Coordination' formulates and manages an incident response that takes into account the incident potential, incident impacts, and resources required for incident management. It provides information to support dispatch and routing of emergency response and service vehicles as well as coordination with other cooperating agencies. It provides access to traffic management resources that provide surveillance of the incident, traffic control in the surrounding area, and support for the incident response. It monitors the incident response and collects performance measures such as incident response and clearance times.False

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Fort Riley Emergency Management
Fort Riley Emergency Services
Fort Riley Fire Department
Fort Riley Police Department
Geary County Sheriff Department
Junction City Engineering Department
Junction City Fire Department
Manhattan Traffic Operations Facility