Fort Riley Emergency Services




This element represents the Fort Riley Directorate of Emergency Services. It provides continuous holistic emergency services to the Fort Riley military community in order to ensure the installation is safe and secure.


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Fort RileyOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Emergency Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Emergency Incident Command'Emergency Incident Command' provides tactical decision support, resource coordination, and communications integration for Incident Commands that are established by first responders at or near the incident scene to support local management of an incident. It supports communications with public safety, emergency management, transportation, and other allied response agency centers, tracks and maintains resource information, action plans, and the incident command organization itself. Information is shared with agency centers including resource deployment status, hazardous material information, traffic, road, and weather conditions, evacuation advice, and other information that enables emergency or maintenance personnel in the field to implement an effective, safe incident response. It supports the functions and interfaces commonly supported by a mobile command center.False

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Fort Riley Emergency Management
Fort Riley Fire Department
Fort Riley Police Department
Fort Riley Public Works