Fiber Communications Expansion


Expand and build redundancy into Manhattan Public Works Department's fiber network to improve communications between the Manhattan Traffic Operations Facility (MTOF) and its traffic signals and ITS devices. The fiber network expansion will allow the MTOF to connect to additional traffic signals and ITS devices as well provide media and bandwidth to share CCTV camera images to 911 centers in the region. This fiber expansion project is also essential to provide the necessary communications backbone to facilitate the implementation of the regional traffic operations center concept that will connect Junction City with the MTOF for regional traffic management and operations (see Project #20–15). In addition, it is desired to have fiber connections to all fire stations and radio communications towers in Riley Co. to enhance communications for emergency services.


Identified as Need


Medium to Long Term


City of Junction City Public Works
City of Manhattan Fire Department
City of Manhattan Public Works
Kansas State University


Manhattan Communications Network
Manhattan Fire Station #1 Fiber